Scientific Publications

The goal is supporting of fundamental infrastructure whish we provide for the research community and sustainability in the long perspective.


– combining research, identifying knowledge,

– providing of tools for creating, searching, citing, connecting and using of research. Striving for creating of value and developing of innovative, open, integrated, useful and sustainable research services,

– providing of the opportunity to openly see the results of scientific papers.

The activities of ‘KVANTOR PLUS’ are entirely dedicated to open research and all related content.

• We advocate the formation of a single role for all relevant content in the field of research for interaction with a wide range of scientific communities in order to meet the needs of researchers.

• We provide timely support to our customers, quickly respond to changing community needs, adding new services as needed.

• We attract organizations to the creation of new services.

• We focus on the needs of the research community.

The main areas of ‘KVANTOR PLUS’ work:

• Professional, scientific and technical activities:

– printing of journals and other periodicals published less than four times a week,

– printing of books and brochures, notes and scores, cardboard, atlases, posters, advertising catalogs, prospectuses and other print ads, stamps, excise stamps, cover documents, checks and other securities, smart cards, albums, diaries, calendars and other commercial printed matter, personal stationery, etc. made by letterpress machine, offset method, method of photo engraving, flexography, screen printing, etc., printing on copy machines, computer printers, printing for the manufacture of relief signs, etc., including instant printing,

– printing directly on textiles, plastic, glass, metal, wood and ceramics. Typically copyrighted materials are printed.

This class of work also includes:

– printing labels or metal labels using lithography, gravure printing, flexography, etc.

• Advertising and market research, the activities of advertising agencies.

• Presentation in the media.

• Market research and the study of public opinion.